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Leo and Capri

The Trap Trilogy

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The Leo and Capri series are stories for readers of all ages. It effectively relates to the challenges one faces in life. It also aims at encouraging the tolerance and co-existence between plants, animals, and humans. This is our first attempt and a sincere approach towards narrating stories creatively with flashbacks and bright illustrations.

It is a set of 3 stories being narrated by two humanoid parrots with beautiful learning at the end of each story.

  • PARROTS AND THE MICE: Parents, even among the birds and animals are always concerned about the safety of their young ones, but many times the young ones want to do things their way, and many times they get into trouble. See how "Pillu", the daddy parrot, and "Inteli", the daddy mouse come together to save one another's kids.
  • ELEPHANTS AND THE MICE: Do one have to fear the big and mighty? No, see how the mice talk to the elephants and how they help each other in the time of need.
  • FLYING MONSTER AND THE MONKEYS: Monkeys are known for their intelligence. Animals in the forest need to protect themselves always and to save themselves from RAVA, the "Flying Monster", they seek help from the monkeys and get it.
Number of Pages: 46
Available in: Hardbound, Paperback, E-Book
Suitable for: All Ages
Genre:  Comic
Language: English

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