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Leo and Capri

The Girl Child Trilogy

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The Leo and Capri series are stories for readers of all ages. It effectively relates to the challenges one faces in life. It also aims at encouraging the tolerance and co-existence between plants, animals, and humans. This is our first attempt and a sincere approach towards narrating stories creatively with flashbacks and bright illustrations.

It is a set of 3 stories being narrated by two humanoid parrots with beautiful learning at the end of each story.

  • ALL WITH A GRAIN OF PADDY: Farmer's son wants a rich spouse to maintain the family status. In contract, his sister only wants a good husband and a good grain of paddy. Who created wealth and how?
  • RADHA AND THE TURTLE: Poor girl by the riverside village, she finds companionship in a turtle who motivates her to go to school. Read how this relationship moulds her life.
  • SPIRIT OF THE BUTTERFLY: A school for the challenge is visited by Colonel Suman. It turns out that the colonel herself was a puny, challenged child raised in an orphanage. She was mentored by a butterfly to rebuild her health and career.
    Number of Pages: 48
    Available in: E-Book
    Suitable for: All Ages
    Genre:  Comic
    Language: English

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