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Leo and Capri

Ride to Freedom

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The Leo and Capri series are stories for readers of all ages. It effectively relates to the challenges one faces in life. It also aims at encouraging the tolerance and co-existence between plants, animals, and humans. This is our first attempt and a sincere approach towards narrating stories creatively with flashbacks and bright illustrations.

A friendship takes place between Aswa and Mithra when they come together during their younger days.
They part due to circumstances beyond their means.
Fate makes them meet again when Aswa returns to the stable as a fully abused horse.
Mithra who is a Vet recognizes his friend and brings him back to normal. How does this happen? What is the outcome of the same?

    Number of Pages: 48
    Available in: E-Book
    Suitable for: All Ages
    Genre:  Comic
    Language: English

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