Flights of Discovery Leo and Capri

Flights of Discovery is a single-panel cartoon that takes you on a journey to discover India, exploring its various sights and its intriguing phenomena.

Leo & Capri being two unique, intelligent talking parrots, fly across each postal pin code of our fascinating country and explore various sights.

Thought their adventurous journey and expeditions they allow us to discover India's vast heritage and culture.
Leo & Capri being the intelligent talking parrots that they are, have well-designed personalities that complement each other to tell great stories. 
In the Leo & Capri series, these two parrots are involved in adventures set in lush and vividly colourful natural habitats. Indian ethos, history, scientific facts with a twist of intelligent solutions contribute to the storyline for these series.
The series is not only designed to engage young minds but also adults, by encouraging them to be observant and ethical in their approach to an issue.
Would like to feature your brand through Leo and Capri's Flights of Discovery? Watch the below video