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A cartoon and animation set up was created in 1998 which is now the Leo and Capri series!

Mr Amarnath
Leo and Capri represent Abdul and Amar. Abdul Wahid is a friend and business partner from 1979 and his zodiac sign is Leo and I a Capricorn.

We, in our journey, have faced many challenges, and some stories are an inspiration from our personal experiences. Several times we have been asked as to how we have overcome difficulties and how we remain friends and business partners.

We would argue on all points and we have agreed by disagreeing; once decided we would go about and come out as winners.

But for me, as a storyteller, I would somehow convert our experiences into a story in my memory and which are now being reflected in the novels and further, I have engaged a team to research on the species of animals and also include humans to bring flavour to these stories.

The adventurous stories are set in a lush and vividly colourful habitat, we have used animals, birds and humans to create intriguing twist and turns before being solved with creative solutions.

The storylines are also borrowed from the Indian ethos of scientific facts and the precious natural environment.Leo and Capri

The two main protagonists are talking parrots called Leo and Capri. The feathered duo tell stories that are designed to engage young as well as old minds, not by preaching to them but, by encouraging them to be observant and ethical in their approach to any issues.

The creative approach uses breathtaking details and a colourful sequence of cartoon illustrations. We believe not only children but in adults too and to get them back to the art of reading illustrations, which in turn are captured in their minds as references to overcome any challenge they face in their daily walk of life.

A total of 27 scripts awaits transformation into the Leo and Capri series, and hopefully, we will achieve them in due course.

Today we are glad to say that we are launching with, two series of printed books (hardbound, paperback) and six e-books.

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